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Hello!  I’m DaLona Kiewel, founder of Bless This Mess Organizing (BTMO).  I’m excited to be your organization expert! I invite you to learn more about me and how BTMO can help you declutter, bring order from your current chaos and enjoy the organized life to the fullest!

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A Lifetime of Organizing

Born This Way

I can honestly say that I have always had a passion and ability for organizing!  I’m convinced that, while in utero, I kept a self-devised checklist monitoring the development of each systems and process as it was being formed, making sure was proceeding according to plan and on schedule!!

The Early Years

When I was a toddler, my mother noticed that I was organizing my bath toys! It wasn’t long graduated to continuously organizing and reorganizing my drawers and closet.  When there was nothing left to challenge me there, I took over my sister’s room.  Soon, organizing wasn’t enough, and to our parents’ amazement, we began trading rooms, furniture and all!  But I didn’t stop there;  I hit our pantry, refrigerator, cabinets (the Tupperware space was my favorite!) and even helped my dad organize his workshop out back.

As I babysat my way throughout middle and high school, I put grew and refined my organizing skills.  When the kiddos napped or went to bed for the night, I would organize the family’s kitchen and/or pantry which made me a hit with parents gaining me referrals for new babysitting gigs!


When I got married, my organizing skills became even more broad as I faced new challenges. Anytime we made a move to a new home, I commandeered the details. I organized and packed our belongings before and after we moved, having everything packed, labeled and neatly aligned, perfectly prepared for the movers. Once we moved in, I had everything unpacked and in its the proper place with all the boxes broken down and out of the house within 24 to 36 hours. I was a pro at moving by the age of 22 years old!

About 7 years after we were married, I found myself the mother of a precocious 2-year-old and newborn twins. This gave me ample opportunity to expand and explorer new horizons in the world of motherly organizing. It was phenomenal! I learn so much during that period of my life as I developed, tweaked and perfected new systems that worked for every little thing in my ever-changing household.

During those years of coordinating a household, I was DELIGHTED to find that my family and friends were impressed that:

  • my kitchen ran like a well-oiled machine (even though I wasn’t much of cook)
  • my kids each had a dedicated built-in cubby located in the mudroom as they walked in from their day
  • I designed a system to coordinate the deposit of everyone’s belongings into the proper spots after school
  • everyone’s calendars were kept up to date and easy to edit as necessary.
  • I devised a desk-top filing system that managed the massive influx and outflow of paper we had to filter daily (I still use the same exact system today, as do many of my clients!)
  •  I conquered the laundry monster – even with a five-strong household
  • our garage was clean and well-organized with room to park both cars
  • I even built a room in our garage from the ground up to store all things garage so that the rest of the space could be for the kids and their friends to hang out.

Later Years

I experienced a tremendous life change in 2013 which presented the opportunity to learn the new skill of downsizing.  This entailed leaving my 2400 sf home where I’d lived for the past 8 years and temporarily moving into a one-bedroom apartment.  I learned a lot during that time about making difficult, necessary, and smart decisions about what was important enough to take with me and what could stay behind.

This experience while keeping in mind that I would soon be moving into a home with my kiddos when I would need much more stuff was a whole new learning experience that has since uniquely enabled me to work closely with a variety of clients in various downsizing situations. 

I have a special affection for Senior Citizens who are downsizing from their lifelong home to an assisted or independent living situation as well as those who are getting a jump on the downsizing of their belongings even before it’s time to move into that garden home.  I’ve learned all the tips and tricks to living in a small space.  I’ve also learned to LOVE IT; the simplicity of small-space living is so liberating!!  Truly, anyone who has any reason to downsize is a client who I love to serve.  So often it’s a tough move to make, and my compassion for my clients is at it’s best when it’s most needed.

The Birth of Bless This Mess Organizing (BTMO)

Bless This Mess Organizing (initially named Organized by Design) was born in 2003. This was the ideal time, as all my children had entered elementary school., and my days were free for me to dedicate myself to teach others how to enjoy an organized lifestyle.  Most of my early projects I did for free. My very first project was baptism by fire as I worked with a hoarder! We worked for several weeks on several spaces, and I had the time of my life!  Watching the transformation of not only her home, but also in her was incredibly rewarding!  I was hooked!!

In the almost 20 years since, I have continually honed my skills, learning new things with every client along the way, allowing me to be more effective with each and every client that I work with.  I use Bless This Mess Organizing to serve and minister to others, blessing them with personalized organized spaces, perfect for relaxation and enjoying their homes exactly the way they desire.

You can trust Bless This Mess Organizing to work with you to organize any space in your home or garage or to prepare you for your move with tried and true packing and unpacking solutions. BTMO has worked alongside so many valued clients, and we’re happy to extend our services to you!

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You don’t have to struggle with a disorderly space anymore! BTMO will help you organize your space to suit your requirements while helping you save time and money. We’re here to help you reclaim your lifestyle. We manage all the mess so you can have a stress-free and pleasant experience.

Speak with BTMO today without any judgments about how we can help you create a beautiful, organized space and lifestyle that you will enjoy:

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