Grocery Shopping Made Simple

About Grocery Shopping:

Raise your hand if you are very tired of making follow-up trips to the grocery store because you forgot something or didn’t plan ahead for the week and don’t have cheese for your tacos!

For those of us who recognize grocery shopping as a priority though a nuisance, I’ve created a list specifically for my family’s shopping needs, but since you can download it (or is it upload it??) and save it, you can change it any way you want. That way you can customize it for your family and for the store you shop at. Or course living in San Antonio its a pretty safe bet you shop at HEB, the question is how is your HEB set up? If you hit the paper goods first, cut and paste that part to the front of the list. If you hit frozen foods last, move those over to the end of the list. And if your family never buys coffee, delete it and add Tang or whatever. Make it fit your needs and your store. Click here to View Document.


  • Keep a copy of the Grocery List on your refrigerator so family members can highlight what they know they need.
  • Walk around your house with the list and check the levels of shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper and dishwasher soap. Make sure you really have butter and Cheese Nips.
  • Plan a few meals for the week and be sure to include the necessary ingredients
    on your list.
  • I find it helpful to write the menu on the calendar; otherwise I forget what I planned to cook and end up with leftover sour cream or green onions or whatever. (Now you know my secret; I have a very poor memory — thus my need to be ORGANIZED!)
  • Never shop when you’re hungry – that’s when we tend to make impulse buys on snack foods we’ll regret later.
  • When you’re putting your food items on conveyor belt at the store, try to group like items together: canned goods, fresh foods, refrigerator and freezer items, boxed items, etc. This makes it easier when you get home to unpack.
  • Also, I ALWAYS ask them to be super careful with my fruit because my kids won’t eat it bruised.

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