Organizing Kids

“You’re Not Going Anywhere Until You Clean Your Room”

Aren’t we as parents more inclined to bless our children with rewards when they do a good job or maintain good behavior over a period of time? When they show us that they respect the belongings they already have, don’t we feel better about giving them something new? One way to help them succeed in this is to make it so simple they almost can’t fail unless they just want to! And when they succeed they’re happy; and when they’re happy, we’re happy; and when we’re happy, EVERYONE’s happy!

Organize Your Child’s Room for More Fun and Creativity

Organizing children’s rooms is beneficial on many levels.

  • You’re teaching them early in life the benefits that come from keeping their belongings in order.
  • You’re making clean-up so much easier.
  • They’ll spend more time in their rooms enjoying creative play because they can actually find them.
  • They won’t succumb to sensory overload because they’re overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in their room.
  • They’ll learn the principle of “when something new comes in, something old goes out.”

Giving your Tweens and Teens a brighter future!

Girl with books

Tweens and teens are very much about feeling in control of their lives and having autonomy. You can give it to them in a safe, practical and beneficial way through organizational skills – when they’re ready.

If your children are older and they’re ready to calm the chaos and reclaim their environment, they’ll learn a life-long skill. We’ll help them envision how they would like their life to be ordered and then set that dream in motion by creating simple systems and procedures that fit their lifestyles and needs.

  • Your child will be able to tackle school projects on a time schedule rather than the night before because they’ll have a study space that’s comfortable and suits them.
  • Your child will learn to clean their room in 30 minutes or less because everything will have a logical place to go once we’re done with it. So simple!
  • Your child will have a method of communication with you that lets you know he/she’s running out of personal care items – before they’re in crisis mode!
  • Your child will learn whatever personal organizational skills he/she wants to learn based on their vision of how they want their life to flow.