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Whether you’re just getting started in your new business and need guidance on basic paper management, or you’re firmly established and find yourself entrenched in paperwork warfare, Bless This Mess Organizing has the solutions for your San Antonio business.

Fact: Time *is* money
& time spent unintentionally 
is money poorly spent.

Why get organized now, San Antonio?

To improve employee and departmental efficiency,

productivity and communication.

To enhance employee job satisfaction & confidence

To strengthen customer satisfaction

Which will cumulmatively lead to an increased bottom line!

Schedule of Services Offered

Efficiency Assessments

  • Office and Storage Space
  • Individual Work Stations
  • Department and Individual Functions (Workflow)
  • Community and Individual Organization
  • Paper Filing Systems
  • Electronic File Systems
  • Document Retention Policies and Schedules
  • Project/Client Tracking and Coordination

Recommendations to include at minimum:

Office and Storage Space
I’ll let you know if you’re using your space efficiently or if you’re hanging on to too much. Work product, cumulative reports, and miscellaneous unnecessary documentation can often be destroyed and/or replaced with final drafts or reports. Redundant materials are a waste of space and require extra effort to manage.

Individual Work Stations
Are your co-workers and employees working at maximum productivity? I can tell you by taking a look at how they process their daily workload. Their systems and procedures, the way they handle incoming documents and whether their filing is consistently backed up. These sorts of things are tell-tale signs. And if these are problems for them, they’re likely not only less productive than everyone would like for them to be, but they’re probably stressed much of the time. I can change that with a few simple systems I’ve developed that work miracles. And an organized, efficient team member is much happier and more confident in their job!

Company, Department and Individual Functions (workflow)
After I have a good understanding of your team and everyone’s function, my goal is to facilitate any necessary changes to assist in improved communication, calendar coordination, project or client tracking, etc., whatever your specific needs may be.

Community and Individual Organization
I work one-on-one with clients to help them get control of a messy desk or a messy department! The fact is, American businesses lose untold dollars each year due to inadequate organization and document storage. If you can’t find it, you can’t use it! And if you have to recreate it, that’s time, which is money down the drain. I specialize in simple, effective, efficient filing systems that are tailored to the client’s needs. I also work with clients on time management techniques.

Paper Filing Systems
Often times sufficient paper filing systems are already established, and that’s terrific. Sometimes, though, it is advisable to create an index of those files for more efficient accessibility. Other times, they need to be updated or purged and archived to make better use of space.

Electronic Filing Systems
These can be a maze, can they not? Without naming conventions, a simple but solid structure that is easy to use and follow, and an educated and informed team, no one knows where to find or save documents. It’s so easy to have, say, compliance documents in three different places. Or non-disclosure agreements saved here, there and everywhere rather than all in a specific folder intended for non-disclosure agreements. And then there are all the outdated documents mingling with the current.

As I’ve restructured corporate e-file systems my goal has been to make them user-friendly and easily maintainable while meeting retention policy guidelines. I’ve also created mirror images of these structures for archiving purposes and then carried out archiving of those documents which met the guidelines for retention. Why mix the old with the new? It’s gets to be too much to dig through!

Document Retention Policies and Schedules
In today’s economic climate, it is vital that all financial institutes be ready at a moment’s notice for any type of audit by any governing body. Document Retention Schedules are vitally important but their implementation is of paramount significance. Besides the positive effects being highly organized has on productivity and a company’s bottom line, this is yet another compelling reason to do a thorough check of one’s organizational standing. It is necessary to be certain that all is in order, all documentation is easily accessible and regulations are being met.

Project/Client Tracking and Coordination
When many hands are busy on one project, the ball is more likely to get dropped. But with streamlined, efficient project/client tracking and coordination, the ball will sail through the air and make it through the goalposts with a confident team behind it!

So call Bless This Mess Organizing today and schedule your consultation to begin moving ahead on the road to a more productive, efficient and profitable business.

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