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Corporate Organizing

DaLona took my small business from chaos to organized quicker than I would have believed possible. Her system is simple, easy to implement and applicable for any business. Once DaLona got me organized the benefits wer so immediate the commitment to following her program was a no-brainer. Thanks DaLona.

Ed D., Mortgage Fraud Private Investigator
San Antonio, January 2008

[A local money management company’s] Investment Operations department of 6 people needed significant restructuring after a recent conversion to a new system. Organized by Design successfully identified and implemented appropriate organizational strategies for this new environment. The project addressed and established functional methods for:

paper flow (daily and periodic)
file and storage structures
record retention practices
common storage area usage
individual desk station/office organization
reference material and procedures documentation storage

The process required evaluation of individual as well as departmental needs to design solutions that worked for all purposes. The results were not only appreciated by each department member but embraced as practical and easy to maintain.

Most impressive was DaLona’s ability to recognize the individual’s needs and design unique solutions for each department member yet establish consistency throughout the department, her intelligence at quickly grasping the nature and activities of our industry (previously unfamiliar to her) in order to customize the recommendations to fit our specific operational goals and her energy and her efficiency at making such dramatic changes over a short period of time.

As a business decision Organized by Design was the right choice for successful results delivered effectively and efficiently.

Sallie P. Diederich, consultant for [the money management company] San Antonio, (July, 2007)

DaLona has a well thought out system that really helped me organize my resources so I could keep the important tasks moving forward.

Ralph A., San Antonio (July, 2007)

DaLona was very helpful and creative. Her system allows me to be more productive and has reduced all the unnecessary clutter. She was able to quickly assess my needs and tailor a plan of action to meet (and exceed) them. Her energy level and motivation make her a pleasure to work with.

Jeff M., San Antonio (July, 2007)

Home / Home Office Organizing:

DaLona is sincere, honest, and all business if you mean business. Very focused and energetic. She is there with you and for you with a terrific sense of humor. She kept me on-task with firm but gentle coaxing. I work and DaLona works to help and keep me on-task to get the most done in the least amount of time possible. I was able to accomplish so much more than I ever could on my own. DaLona made it easy for me. I felt she was on my side.When the allotted time was over, we mutually agreed upon a goal and homework for me to complete before the next time we met. The process proved to be very timely and I had a tremendous sense of progress. I was impressed that DaLona always followed up with me with an email or phone call to check to see how I was doing on my assignments and when I felt I could schedule a follow up meeting to continue the process or complete the task. DaLona loves her job and I gained so much from working with her. It was a win/win situation!

Doug Fletcher, San Antonio (May 2007)

I could not be more excited about what DaLona has done for me in organizing my children’s playroom. What began as an unorganized mess and was not useful to anyone has become a well organized, everything-in-its-place oasis. My kids have easy access to their toys and I have a well organized, usable srapbook/craft room. It’s so wonderful to have all my crafty things in one place! My attempts at organizing this mess were a dismal failure! I was overwhelmed by the task, but DaLona’s enthusiasim and energy are catching! I could never have done this without her help! As an added bonus, I have regained my dining room, utility room and linen closet as items being stored in those places found permanent homes in my “new” room. What a blessing DaLona has been to my family!

Cindy Danmier, San Antonio (June, 2007)

DaLona is a very energetic person, with lots of great ideas. She created a scrapbook room for me from scratch when we moved to a new home and helped me get caught up on my own scrapbooks when I got behind. She’s a fantastic scrapbooker! I highly recommend her services.

Shawn Mollica, San Antonio (May, 2007)

Dear DaLona, I am so happy with the job you did with my garage. It looks so organized and has such clean lines now!!! Before It was shove whatever, wherever– but since you came and blessed my garage, everything has a place… Thank you !! I am very happy I met you!!Leslie Sawaya, San Antonio (Summer 2006)

“To Get Organized changed my life! Not only is my house organized and staying that way, but it changed the way I think about organization…Thank you, DaLona!!!”

Leah Garner, San Antonio (Fall 2006)

Home Organizing and Home Decorating:

DaLona has done a few jobs for me and the one thing I can say is that she is very thorough throughout her projects, the work is beautiful and the presentation out-did my expectations.

Jeanann Wilkinson, 2007

DaLona helped me so much! I wanted to organize and decorate my bedroom and office/workroom so DaLona came in and evaluated what I would need to do in order to accomplish my goals. After scheduling a time to do the actual work, she helped me quickly tackle the areas in the rooms that needed organizing. I felt so comfortable working with her and was amazed at how much better I felt after my rooms were finished. Not only do I have spaces designated for my office work, scrapbooking and stamping but my husband also has a workspace for assembling model cars!

Robin Castro, Pasadena (March 2005)

Moving or Combining Households:

After moving into our new home, we had more boxes and furniture than I knew what to do with. We did not have one room that was livable. In less than an hour, DaLona helped me transform the living room into our first finished space. It felt so good to have a room organized that it gave me the motivation and confidence to move on to the other rooms. Thank you, Organized by Design!

Elizabeth Wibner, Houston (Fall 2004)

More Professional Organizing:

My house was such a depressing place to be. My first thought when I’d wake up in the morning was, “Where can we go today?” I just didn’t want to be at home. Now, I enjoy spending time in my home. DaLona is a lifesaver!

DaLona came in like a whirlwind and helped me organize my entire house. Not a single corner was spared. The trash bags piled high and the garage sale pile was even higher. Wow! Who knew four people could “pack-rat” that much stuff?”

When we were done with the house, my husband and DaLona tackled the garage. Our garage has always been the storage place. We’ve never been able to park a vehicle in there. Now, not only do we have a vehicle parked in there, my husband also has space for his workbench.

DaLona did more than just help us organize and purge… She changed our lives!

Kisha Richardson, Pearland (Summer 2004)

Professional Organizing:

DaLona has helped me organize my girls’ and my bedrooms and closets as well as our game room. Life is so much easier when you actually know what you own and can even find it when you need it! And the system she created for our toys is great!

I highly recommend Organized by Design for anyone’s organizational needs!

Kathleen F., Pearland (2003)

Home Office Organization:

I am a Realtor® with a home office that was thoroughly disorganized. I tended to save everything paper related because I didn’t know what to throw away.

DaLona came in and within 5 hours we’d completed the entire office including purging all the excess paperwork/magazines/books that I didn’t really need or want. We ended up with lots of empty space! And she gave me ideas and suggestions for the best way to utilize what was left. By the time she left, what was once a cluttered office was very presentable and organized and the built-in bookshelves were down-right nice to look at!

I highly recommend bringing DaLona in to help you get it together! She’s great at what she does and she’ll make sure you’re great at maintaining it after she leaves!

Wendy J Adams ’92, Houston (Fall 2004)

Home Staging:

” DaLona goes where I can’t go! She tells my sellers things I can’t and helps them fine tune their property which helps it show better than others on the market. I feel confident turning my clients over to DaLona and her expertise. She is very diplomatic and my clients have always felt very comfortable with her.

DaLona helps my sellers prepare their home to sell for top dollar and fast! We all know that you only get one chance to make a good first impression and with DaLona’s help, my listings look their best!”

Kathy Duplissey, ERA Southbelt

“DaLona has staged all of my properties for the past six months and the difference has been remarkable. The staged properties show well and the feedback has been very positive from the sellers and the buyers. I’ve seen a marked difference in how quickly they’re selling too.

One of the things I like about having DaLona work with my sellers is having her come in as an outside person, a third party, whose primary job it is to get homes prepared to sell. My sellers really trust her and so often follow her advice because they trust her experience and expertise.
Overall, having DaLona stage my properties has been a huge success and I’m really glad I found her!”

Maggie McFarland, Remax Top

“DaLona’s tips and techniques are right on the money. I’ve seen her work and her enthusiasm is contagious. I really appreciate her ability to motivate my sellers to do their homework in preparing their homes to sell.”

Ruth Jordan, Remax Top

Dear DaLona,

Last Monday we signed the closing papers on our house. It went on the market the first week of August, and in about 3 weeks, the lady who bought it had bid on it. We had multiple bids and were able to choose the best one. I have been thinking good thoughts of you all this time and wanted to tell you that so many of the ideas you gave us for staging the house must have really helped the sale go so quickly.

We didn’t do every single thing you suggested, even left the bathroom paper on the walls (since I had already bought the shower curtain and towels to match when you sent the letter about changing it)! The lady loved the paper. She is really crazy about the house, and we were so happy to leave our home of 39 years in her hands. We did follow a good many of your suggestions, and I am just positive that was a great help.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, DaLona! The $100 was money well spent!

M. Burns, Friendswood

Dear DaLona,

Thank you so much for helping us stage our house. You did a terrific job finding decor items that worked to tie everything together. You matched our existing paint colors with newer, more neutral paint colors and it looks great! You somehow managed to find amazing artwork that blended with all the paint as well as our furniture and it just looked beautiful on the walls! Then you helped us rearrange furniture to maximize the appeal of each room.

We couldn’t have sold our house as quickly withouth your help. We will definitely recommend you and your staging service to anyone!

Tim and Holly Briscoe, Pearland, Texas

Also, I (DaLona) staged my own home to sell more quickly and it sold in four days!