The 10-Minute Daily Challenge

People are competitive, wouldn’t you agree? Everyone, to some extent, is competitive. So why not put that nature to work for the common good of the family for a mere 10 minutes a day?

Pick a moment each day when the majority of the family is home and do a 10-minute clean-up challenge. The reward? 10 minutes of free time to do whatever the “winner” chooses, or maybe a favorite snack or dessert. Whatever fits your family best!

Here’s how it works: Below is a list of suggested chores to be put in the challenge container. Each family member* draws one, necessary supplies are gathered, the timer is set, and they’re off. Whoever does the best job on their assigned task is the winner. Certainly, there can be more than one winner, depending on how many players do an outstanding job!

  • Wipe down the inside of the microwave oven** and wipe down outside of refrigerator doors.
  • Clean all TV and computer screens as well as the mirrors in the bathrooms
  • Clean switch plates with a damp rag
  • Clean toilets in all the bathrooms
  • Clean all trash out of the car and put belongings in the proper rooms
  • Empty all the trashcans
  • Straighten and wipe off all the countertops in the bathrooms
  • Organize the boxes and cans in the pantry
  • And the list could go on and on depending on what your family’s needs are

*younger children can work with an older sibling or a parent
** this is super easy if you run the microwave with a glass of water in it for 3-4 minutes. The mist loosens all stuck on yuck and helps it all wipe clean in minutes.

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