Am I Ready To Get Organized?

‘Organize My Mess Readiness Questionnaire’ will help you answer this question.

How do I know if I’m really ready to create life-long changes in my home?

Do I have a willingness to commit to the task at hand?

Use our checklist with the understanding that whether you experience any or all of these problems. Bless This Mess Organizing’s professional organizers can solve them.

  1. Are you constantly losing things in your home? Do you know what you have and where it is?


  2. Do you consistently have difficulty keeping up with family schedules?  (When is Jill’s next soccer game?? And Jack’s Boy Scout camp out??)


  3. Are you overwhelmed by the clutter in your home and feel like there is just no clear place to begin organizing?


  4. Do you have piles of unknown “stuff” throughout your home that perplex you?


  5. Do you have at least one room in your home that is full of things you no longer use or you’re completely uncertain as to what is even in there? Would you prefer to use this room for some other purpose?


  6.  When relaxing in your home, do you feel almost suffocated with the disorder and chaos surrounding you?


  7.  What does your garage look like? Are you able to park there? Do you know what you have in there and know how to find it? Does it border on an unsafe space with tripping hazards or stacks of things potentially falling over?


  8. Think about your closets now. Do you have way too much clothing, yet you find yourself wearing the same outfit over and over? Bless This Mess Organizing can double or triple your wardrobe for you!


  9. Do you find that you cannot clean appropriately throughout your home because there’s just too much stuff in the way?


  10. What about the cabinets in your kitchen or pantry? Are they at capacity with items you don’t even remember putting in there? Do you have an efficient way to deal with what goes in and comes out of your refrigerator and pantry? Do you waste food and money because things expire before you can use them? Perhaps you have an abundance of one item you hardly use and not enough of others that you use regularly.  Do you have a designated area for back-stock?


  11. How about the junk drawer(s) – how much money do you spend repurchasing things you already have but don’t even know it?


  12. How about the areas under your sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms? Does it seem like these areas are full but most of it is multiples of the same items?


  13.  Think about your bedroom. Is it your peaceful escape? A place where you can go to feel safe and comfortable? Do you enjoy your decor?


  14.  And last but not least, how do you feel about your home when you have visitors? Are you able to have last-minute guests without feeling embarrassed over the state of your home? Or do you avoid having friends and family over?

How did you fare? If you could relate to any one of these issues, then you recognize your need to get organized. A free consultation with a Bless This Mess Organizing professional will assist you in determining the proper course of action for your needs so you can get organized and feel proud of your home again.

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