How does Bless this Mess Organizing help me to get organized?

We work side-by-side with our clients to calm the chaos in their environment. We know that living or working in a chaotic environment reduces productivity, wastes money, can cause weight gain and induces unending stress and anxiety.  While working with our clients, we engage them in such a way to lead and teach them to make good decisions and choices while we create efficient, simple and beneficial systems.  With 18 years of professional organizing, owner and organizer DaLona Kiewel transforms what was once chaos into that “well-oiled machine” that we all want in our lives.

What makes Bless This Mess Organizing different from the rest?

We do not install “cookie cutter” organizational systems. We understand that every person, every home, and every space has its own use and character. That is one reason why we work side-by-side with our clients. We are investing our time in making the specific organizational system that meets their needs and that they can easily maintain.

Initially, we will have an assessment appointment so that together we can determine what spaces need to be organized and in what order. During the appointment, we will discuss how each space is used and the best way to accomplish that task. We will also discuss products and the budget for each space.

This initial assessment has been very successful for clients as they move forward and begin their projects. Additionally, clients come to understand that getting their environment organized is essential for their own mental and physical health!

And finally, DaLona has organized and tweaked her own organizing systems through all of the seasons of life. Single and on her own, newly married, the blessing of her firstborn child, followed shortly after by twins. And of course, there were beloved pets along the way. Because of her many years of managing a home of five, she is understanding and empathetic with her clients – this is how she uses Bless This Mess Organizing as a ministry.

What are the benefits of getting organized with Bless This Mess Organizing?

There are a plethora of reasons to get your life organized, and Bless This Mess Organizing works with you to ensure your environment is conducive and inspiring.

A few of the many benefits include:
You will begin to experience less stress and anxiety. Those things will be replaced with hope, inspiration, excitement and education.

Your new environment can help with the stress and anxiety which promotes better sleep.

By organizing the kitchen and pantry, you take inventory of what you have, what you need, and what is causing the chaos. Once you’ve gotten organized, it’s much easier to cook healthy meals, find healthy snacks, grocery shop with purpose, and clean up quickly.

Being organized also promotes healthier relationships. Simply put, the family has been educated on the new system(s) and does their part to maintain order. Fewer complaints about dirty laundry on the floor, or running around looking for the keys, and specifically scheduled reset times make it easier for everyone in the family to reset their space.

What is Bless This Mess Organizing’s privacy and confidentiality policy

We recognize that in the course of working with a client, we may become aware of proprietary information. We always hold all client information, whether it be business or personal, in the strictest confidence.

BTMO never takes photos of you; however, with your permission, we may take before and after photos to use as accomplishment/work samples in our advertising. We never divulge the names of our clients; the only time even a first name may be known is when reviewing our work online.

We will not use a yard sign nor will we have advertisements on our vehicle when in front of a client’s home without express consent from a client.

What about the cost? How do you charge?

Bless This Mess takes all budgets into consideration because every living space is unique and each project is personalized for your needs. We charge by the hour with a 3-hour minimum per session. Project time may vary.

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